• Headmaster's Letter - Founders' Day 2005
  • Founders’ Day Speech - September 1st
  • World War II Memorial Speech - September 1st
  • Nuevo convenio para el ingreso a la Universidad de San Andrés
  • Dragon's Cup - Interschool Regattas
  • Red San Andrés: PEF (Proyecto escuelas del futuro)
Remembering San Martín
Child's Day

Painting Outside
Feelings and Emotions
Balloons and Paint
Farm Animals
More Gardening
"When I grow up..."
Machines Used for work

Learning About Magnetism
Playing with Toilet Paper
Toss and Match
Tennis Balls and Paint
Classroom Rules
New Friends and Brothers
The Giving Tree
Nos visitó un paleontólogo

Helping Hands
Visita de Mario Méndez

Indian Craft
Con gustito a leyenda
General Knowledge Competition
Visitas de los abuelos

A Hundred Days of School
Service Learning

Festejos patrios en Olivos y Punta Chica
  • Community Spirit Day
  • Proyectos CAS 2005 3° Polimodal
  • Tucumán 2005