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  • Scholarship Endowment Fund Annual Report 2003-2004
  • Argentine Interschool Golf Tournament 2005 - London Trophy Golf Cup
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We would like to share our fashion parades, visits and activities both inside and outside the Olivos and Punta Chica classrooms.

Visit to the 'Museo Naval'   Celebrating 'Earth Day'
Laundry Time   Visit to the Firestation
World of Toys   Scientific Sharks
 “The Bear and the Tortoise   Museo Pueyrredón
Becoming Architects in Kinder   What would you like for dinner?
... and Doing Landscaping too!   "We love getting dirty!"
Traffic Signs   Healthy Food
Acto de 25 de Mayo   Miniature Mummies & Daddies
...amongst other things!
  • Atletismo 2005
  • ¡A divertirse en Música! ¡A obedecer lo que el piano les indica!
  • Pattern Blocks - 3rd Grade made their own designs and then estimated how many in all they would have if they doubled the amount.
  • 'Grandparents' - Punta Chica Project Pupils really enjoyed making comparison between past and present lifestyles, questioning and investigating about their own past.
  • GLOBAL CHALLENGE RACE - We would like to share two e-mails that will show you how close we feel to them, although we are so far.
  • Thinking of Others - Many thanks to this warm donation
  •  We Hope To Fill These Shelves! We have opened a deposit for second hand clothes.
  • Y siguen las campañas… en Olivos y en Punta Chica
  • West Side Story - Photo Gallery
  • Atletismo 2005
  • Narradores y Actores - Escribe Cristina G. Colonnella, Jefe del Departamento de Español
  • Special Awards IB 2004 - Congratulations!
  • Los chicos enamoraron con su música - Extracto de un artículo del Clarín sobre el 'Secondary Lincoln Instrumental Festival'

In what ways can we help improve the environment at school?
Year 11 Across the Bridge