Headmaster's Letter
We are pleased to present to you the first edition of The St. Andrew's Newsletter, which we plan to distribute on a bi-monthly basis to all the members of the community.
Kindergarten - Sports
In August there was an on-going activity in the Hall, as Mr. Peter Macfarlane was gathering the whole Primary School in preparation for our 2004 Concert.  
Essarp Creative Writing Competition 2003
The ESSARP Creative Writing Competition was instigated to encourage and celebrate creative writing written in English by ESSARP students. There are four categories: Beginner, Junior, Intermediate and Senior. St Andrew's students regularly win prizes in all categories.
Septiembre, mes de servicio a la comunidad, fue el mes de nuestro viaje al delta para convivir tres días con los habitantes del lugar; compartiendo horas de clases, recreos, meriendas, y sobre todo tiempo y juegos.