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Children should be able to wear casual clothes at school!!!


unhappy child wearing a uniform

   There are many children who complain about wearing a uniform at school and not casual clothes.  Have you ever seen a school where children go with casual clothes? Well I have, but most of them are from the U.S.A or from movies.  There are also public schools where children go with casual clothes and over them they have a pinafore. The point is that before a school decides if  children are going to school with casual clothes or with a uniform they must discuss it.  Children also have to wear casual clothes because they are comfortable and colourful.  In spite of all when you wear casual clothes you have your own style.

    The advantages of wearing casual clothes are that you are more comfortable and you look nicer. Casual clothes are better to wear because it is not an extra expense since they are the same clothes you wear every day of the week, including summer. Wearing casual clothes should be an advantage for the school because it decreases the total amount of money that students have to pay every year. In addition, there is a security reason  to be wearing casual clothes. You will not be identified as belonging to this or to that school. It would create a more  relaxing atmosphere for learning. By wearing casual clothes students  would be happier and enthusiastic about going to school. Another advantage is that parents would want to send their kids to school seeing them more comfortable and relaxed. Children won't complain  any more about bad uniform. But now with casual clothes they wouldn't have the chance of getting a uniform slip for not bringing an uniform item. As you see there are lot of arguments for children wearing casual clothes at school and there are all intelligent ones! 

     The disadvantages of wearing a uniform at school are that, if it is very HOT you can take the sweater off, but as the jumper is made of a very hot material it keeps you warm and in summer there are not very convenient because you "melt". Another reason is that in summer if you bring some casual clothes that are light for you so as not to be very hot  is perfect,  but if you are hot and you want to take your jumper off you are not allowed to do so or if you do you have to put it on before going home.  In addition I disagree on having to wear only school clothes  because you only have buy trousers, shorts,  socks, shirt, jumper, shoes, t-shirts and all that SCHOOL stuff and the point is that are very EXPENSIVE!!! Every shirt costs like 50$ and that is a lot  of money, and not only this is expensive all the school shop things are expensive (the school shop is where you buy the school clothes ) 

    Finally as a conclusion, I think that children should go to school with casual clothes because as a result uniforms are very uncomfortable and expensive.  In my opinion casual clothes make children feel  happier and  more energetic.  By wearing casual clothes students are more comfortable and relaxed.  I think that if someone goes to a class where children use casual clothes, the class looks much happier and colourful.  Knowing the advantages and the disadvantages above, what we think is that the result is that children should wear casual clothes.


                                                     happy children


PINK:Delfo(introduction, conclusion)

Red:  Feli (advantages)

Violet: Chiari (disadvantages)