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17/8/2019 School Calendar
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Founders' Day 2007
Former Pupil Award

As St. Andrews is about to enter its 170th year of existence, a remarkable achievement exclusive to very few institutions in our country, we are increasingly aware of how important it is to maintain a strong link with our very rich traditions.

Honouring our history is not just a healthy exercise in learning from the past, but most importantly a way to reinforce our identity and strengthen our values.

And, clearly, what is unique about the school's history and what transcends the factual recounting is that St. Andrew's has contributed to the development of Argentine society by means of its graduates, who have in numerous cases become prominent figures in the local community.

Every year at Founders' Day the whole school gets together in assemblies at the different sectors to formally pay tribute to the spirit and determination of the first settlers who back in 1838 started what would later become St. Andrew's Scots School.  This year, we have recognized in Mr. Hope Logan, Class of '41, the outstanding contribution of our graduates to Argentine society by means of the St. Andrew's Former Pupil Award. Selected by a specially appointed jury, Mr. Logan embodies a former pupil who exemplifies the values outlined in our School Mission and for his personal record and achievements in the light of the core values in our Statement of Values: integrity, respect and responsibility.


Congratulations Hope, and thank you to all the former students and teachers who attended this ceremony.


Mr. Hope Logan, Mr. Gabriel Rshaid and Mr. Jeffrey Berk from the Alumni Committee
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Mrs. Logan and daughter Ann
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Flag bearers
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Mr. Daniel Alexander, from the School Committee
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Secondary Choir, or part of it ...
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because they don't fit in one picture!
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School band
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Sra. Ruby Irago, Mr. Logan's teacher who served at school for 42 years
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Alec and Hope Logan
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