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25/6/2019 School Calendar
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Year 11 CAS group


Cas: Ecology

Second Outing (25/4)
The Y 11 Ecology CAS group traveled to the Reserva de Vicente Lopez to volunteer their help in the nature reserve. (see picture 1)

One group was in charge of weeding out certain plants called “campanitas” which are extraneous to the natural environment and kill native plants, thus reducing biodiversity. (see picture 2)

A second group was in charge of a similar but dirtier task; they were supposed to go in the swamp and remove plants which are extraneous to the environment and grow too fast; therefore native plants are unable to thrive there.


Third Outing (29/5)
The ecology CAS group traveled to the Refugio Ribera Norte where huge amounts of trash are deposited by the changing river tide. (see picture 3)

The group quickly started picking up the trash. They were stunned not only by the astounding amounts of litter, but also by the nature of some objects found such as shoes, full cans of deodorant, dolls and even a shattered baby carriage. (see picture 4)

After some hard and tedious work the group were given a tour around the Refugio. It was very nice and they learned some very interesting facts. (see picture 5)

The soil from the Refugio is actually from the Cordillera. It is transported by diverse rivers to Buenos Aires. Many of the plants from the Reserva are actually native to regions of the Cordillera. (see pictures 6 and 7)


Fourth Outing (25/6)
The Ecology Cas group traveled to the Greenpeace Center in Chacarita. They went there with the objective of learning very interesting but disturbing facts about how the world and wildlife are threatened by modern society. The Greenpeace staff showed the group several videos and brochures which give tips on how to be more environment friendly, such as reducing carbon emissions, reducing the amount of litter and separating it, recycling and helping at NGO’s, such as Greenpeace. (see picture 8)

The group was given a tour around the center, and they were shown very interesting processes and objects which help the environment. For example, the picture shows a fridge which uses non-contaminating gases. (see picture 9)

The group was also told about “Project Basura Cero” which basically aims at persuading people to separate their litter in their homes.

By making people separate bottles, cardboard, papers and glass from actual litter, recycling is made a lot easier. (see picture 10)

This is a screen which is updated frequently which shows the amount of solar energy produced per hour around the world and the amount of carbon dioxide which is not emitted into the air thanks to environment friendly policies and NGO’s such as Greenpeace. (see picture 11)

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