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17/7/2019 School Calendar
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From Michelangelo to Norma D´Ippolito
“My Grannie is a sculptor!", said Clarita, our Fifth Year pupil.

   Reading the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler led us to carry out a project on Michelangelo, which in turn, took us to Mrs. D’Ippolito’s cosy work-shop in Palermo Soho. My Grannie is a SCULPTOR!” had exclaimed Clarita with pride when we started the project. As soon as we got there, the children could not but admire this sculptor’s masterpieces, compare Michelangelo’s tools and techniques with Mrs. D’Ippolito’s, some of which have not varied that much, except for her modern drill and protective earphones.

Reflected in her work, the children could discover myths they had read, such as: Narcissus, the beautiful sculpture representing Narcissus as he looked at himself in the water; Shadow, Centaur, The Hug, Earth-Water, a photograph of the beautiful cross which lies on the altar of San Martín de Tours’ Church in town and beautiful drawings in carbonilla.

After having polished her English with Clarita, preparing to welcome all of us, we were guided through the interesting world of a passionate artist.

We can only thank her for the wonderful moments we all spent there . . .  and the delicious cookies she had prepared as well!

                                             Fifth Year A, B and C

Mrs. Norma D'Ippolito at work with her pneumatic drill.
Enlarge Picture

"Narcissus" admiring his reflection in the water.
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A sculptor's tools.
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An interesting introduction to the world of a sculptor.
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Learning how to use the chisel.
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The end of a lovely and interesting visit to a sculptor's studio.
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