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25/8/2019 School Calendar
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First day at the Olivos kindergarten
Great expectations and lots of happy faces!

All types of expressions: happy, sad ones, others sleepy, anxious and insecure looks. Do I know you? Do you remember me? Many families gathered at the kindergarten playground sharing their excitement and joy, talking about their holidays and meeting the teachers.

The kindergarten community was welcomed by Mr. Rshaid, our Headmaster and Ms Patsy Di Nucci, the Kindergarten Headmistress.

Children had a great time with their peers and teachers in their classrooms, happy to meet their friends again, helping the new ones to adjust and saying goodbye to their parents.

K3 children had a special time with Mummy and Daddy in their classrooms, singing songs, sharing short activities with their teachers and getting acquainted with their new environment.

K4 children had no special adaptation timetable but had enough time to share news, greet the new children joining their groups, bonding with their new teachers and slowly adjusting back to school rhythm.

K5 children, proud of being the "big ones" of the kindergarten had a smooth first day, working at the tables, having fun at the playground, interacting independently; they only stayed until midday today as they will be slowly adapting to a full day at school.

Here we are back again!
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Hello! It's me... 
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Remember me?
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I want to stay but I am really not that sure.
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