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25/6/2019 School Calendar
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Freeing wild birds
Olivos Pandas celebrated Animal Day in a very special way

On April 29th Pandas celebrated Animal Day.  Diana, Roy's mother, arrived early in the afternoon that day and brought lots of things to show us. She was even wearing a T-shirt with birds printed on it! You'll see afterwards why! Just keep on reading and you'll find out...

First of all we sat down to listen to the story about Animal Day. She told us that all animals deserve to be treated well and we should protect them.

After her talk, she brought two big sort of boxes to the centre of the circle. We soon realized that they were not boxes! They were cages with wild birds in them. We talked about each of the species and could even classify them by placing pictures near the cages. Later, we chose to take the cages out to the playground where she showed us how, little by little, each bird left the cage and freely flew off!

Once we were back in the classroom, we all coloured some cards to take home.

Thank you very much Diana for coming and sharing this wonderful activity with us all!

Celebrating Animal Day, ...
Enlarge Picture

learning about birds, ...
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classifying them with pictures, ...
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and then the best part of all ...
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freeing them!
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