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23/8/2019 School Calendar
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Earth Day
Donation of native specimens by Asociación Ribera Norte.

  On April 22nd., we all celebrated Earth Day. Some experts from  Refugio Ribera Norte  (in Acassuso) came to give us a talk about the importance of looking after our Earth. As we wanted to have an  active participation in this project, we received around 40 trees that were donated by the Reserva.


As the trees were in very small pots  the Kindergarten and Primary children  helped to transfer the trees to bigger containers and are now  looking after them. When they grow and are big enough to be transplanted we will  plant them outside.


The trees are native specimens and will  eventually bring  back all the insects and birds that live here naturally. We will also have colorful and perfumed creepers set along the new fence at the end of the fields.


Great work children and let’s keep on planting trees to keep our air clean and the view beautiful!!!

Francisco and Tommy with a load of earth.
Enlarge Picture

Marcos makes sure the earth is tightly packed.
Enlarge Picture

Preparing the containers.
Enlarge Picture

Elena shows off her work.
Enlarge Picture

A group of 1st. graders with the tree they planted.
Enlarge Picture

Making sure the tree has the right mixture of earth.
Enlarge Picture

Putting little pebbles at the base of the container and earth on top.
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