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16/9/2019 School Calendar
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Olivos Tigers visited the “Malba Museum”
Discovering Latin American artists

As a starting point for our new unit: “How did man communicate through art?”, last Thursday the Tigers visited the “Malba Museum”. We observed two paintings and a sculpture.

One of the paintings belonged to Pedro Figari called “Candombe”. After talking about the different things that they could see on the painting we played the statue game and the Tigers had to dance to this rhythm as the people used to do.

Then we observed a painting by Emilio Pettoruti called “La canción del pueblo”. We analysed it and we could tell that the characters were formed with shapes and they were playing instruments on the street of a city. Afterwards, we separated in four groups and each one had to create a character with some shapes and name it.

The third art work was a sculpture “La pesadilla de Ramona” by Antonio Berni. It was a huge crocodile made with waste material; cloth, bottle tops, old batteries, stamp handles, pens, pencils, etc. We were told how this artist collected material from the street to create this beast. We were then given some boxes to put in our hands and feel different material that Berni used for his sculpture.

To wrap up this extraordinary outing, we made our own characters for a mural that we brought to school.

The Tigers had a wonderful time discovering how Latin American artists expressed themselves through different art forms.

 Thank you very much Gloria and Eduardo for making this experience possible!

After observing   ....
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the work of some ....
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famous Latinamerican artists ...
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we prepared our own mural.
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 We had a wonderful learning experience!
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