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25/6/2019 School Calendar
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The “Bears” visited the “Palais de Glace” museum
It was our first visit to an Art Museum and we really enjoyed!

It was a modern exhibition with works of art using a variety of expressive medias and digital technology.


First of all the guide showed us a sculpture made of salt.  It seemed like a big circle but, in fact, it was made in a corner with mirrors so it looked like a circle.


We also saw many very interesting pieces of art. For example, there was a screen on the floor who lighted up with different geometrical shapes when the children walk or dance on it.


But, what we liked best, was an interactive picture where you could see people sitting on a couch  or playing with pillows and they looked as if they were really there! (It was a movie projected on the couch!!)


Before living the museum we were able to make our own pieces of art drawing with colouring pencils.


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                                                                                  The “Bears´ Class”

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Título del epígrafe
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