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17/8/2019 School Calendar
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Visit to UDESA Library and Archive
By Andrew B. C. - Year 8

Our visit to UdeSA was very much enjoyed. Once in the Library, we were taken to the Archive section and  were shown how they restore old documents dating back to 1804.




Picture 1: Here we see the machine they use to read microfilms. These are tapes with thousands of pictures of restored documents. Above this machine is a screen where the amplified images on the microfilm can be seen.





 Picture 2:  Here we were shown a microfilm. The director explained how the images on the microfilm can be seen with a mere magnifying glass and candle. This specific microfilm has images of an old newspaper, The Standard, written in English but based in Argentina.




Pictures 3, 4 and 5: The images of the newspaper were every bit as authentic as the real newspaper itself. The machine was controlled by a large control remote and with the turn of a knob, one could zip through hundreds of pages. The first newspapers we saw were two pages long, but the farther we went in the history of The Standard, the longer and bigger it became.




Pictures 6 and 7: They had tons of ancient books. Some were even covered in leather jackets. Most had wide hard covers with colourful patterns on the sides that bring to mind the illustrations made by the old friars and monks in medieval times.




Picture 8: We enjoyed the visit very much and learned quite a bit.

   We had a lot of fun! 

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