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27/6/2019 School Calendar
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Community Service trip to the Delta
Middle School students visited Escuela No 11 Bernardino Rivadavia

The morning couldn't have looked worse:  dark sky, pouring rain, thunder and lightning.  With dampened spirits we loaded the boxes onto the bus that was to take us to Tigre.  Thanks to the huge generosity of all, there were so many we decided to take only part of them, and the rest would follow when we were picked up on Friday. 

Despite the rain, the view was incredible.  The slate grey sky contrasted with the spring green of the trees and the chocolate river.

In a couple of hours we arrived at the school.  All the children were crowding round the windows, excited and expectant.  With their willing arms to help us, we quickly unloaded the launch.

The St Andrew's students took work to do with the younger children, and shared music, physical education, language, geography and history lessons.

Once the Delta children had gone home, our students prepared posters for Mother's Day, bead necklaces for the girls and scones to take as presents to the homes they would visit the following day.

As the weather improved, we were able to undertake the hardest task:  stripping the swings, slides and outdoor equipment in the Kindergarden.

As we prepare for every trip, we think of everything we can take, but we never make an inventory of all we receive, which is far greater: open-hearted love, companionship, and a will to share all they have. 

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Loading the launch at Tigre

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The rainwashed Delta
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Everyone gave a hand to unload
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Necklaces in the making
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Card making
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The toughest boys for the toughest task
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Painting the jungle gym
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