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26/2/2020 School Calendar
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Year 5: We are a team!
Working together to find solutions

As part of our PSE program, the three Olivos Primary Y5 classes got together with their teachers and did some class formations in the playground.

They had to write “2009” and the word “TEAM” using their bodies. It was interesting to watch almost 80 children trying to organize themselves and the different roles they played to achieve the task. They encountered some difficulties but finally overcame them.


Some strategies they found useful were:

  • Communicating
  • Taking into account what the others were doing.
  • Have a director or organizer who gave instructions and saw “the big picture”.
  • Planning ahead.
  • Agreeing on a strategy rather than working in a disorganized way.


We then transferred these skills and used them to solve a real life problem: sharing the ping pong tables during break time. We successfully found a solution and decided on taking turns to be able to play fairly and share.


Enjoy the pictures!


Vicky Ayam


PSE Coordinator


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