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Student Council 2009
Hollis B. - Acceptance Speech

Fellow Students, Teachers and Staff:


Good morning. It is a great honour to be standing before you all today to announce my new role as President of the Student Council for 2009.

I believe this is the perfect time to express my excitement and enthusiasm in leading the Student Council this school year, and what my future plans are. I was given a wonderful opportunity last year, as Secretary, and decided to go one step further this school year in standing for President. I believe that after having taken part in a successful Student Council last year, this is no time to quit, and I am here today to let everyone in our community know that I will try my hardest this year to continue serving you all, presenting projects to carry out, and always bearing in mind the well being of every individual that takes part in St. Andrew’s community.

2008 was a year in which the meaning of Student Council was modified. It may mean something different to every individual, but we were finally able to take a big step forward and prove that if we take something seriously and make an effort, we will succeed. Looking back on last year, I can honestly say that I could not be prouder to have taken part in such a successful Student Council, and I thank every individual that formed part of such a strong team. Together we were able to bring many positive changes within the school, and I hope to continue maintaining the devotion and spirit that was present in 2008.

Bearing in mind that it took a group of students with dedication and drive, who dedicated many hours of their free time to making the school a better place for all of us, I ask you, students to really think about what you can do for your school, your classmates and yourself.

We were successful in finishing the projects we set out to do at the beginning of the year, which told me that with a little bit of effort and a lot of determination, we can go a long way. We managed to modify the uniform and the Student guidelines, so imagine how much further we can go this year. I therefore have no doubt that we can continue what we began last year in Student Council, set out our goals and persistently try to reach them. For those students who participated last year, I ask you to continue as a part of the Student Council this year, and for those who did not, I invite you to think about becoming a member and trying to make St. Andrew’s the best community it can possibly be for all of us. It is important to remember that as a team, we can accomplish much more and continue to move forward in bettering the school community.

Student Council not only focuses on the lives of each student, but also acts as a bridge between the students and the school authorities. I want to tell everyone here today that I will make my biggest effort to continue to grow and achieve a successful Student Council this year.

I promise to try my hardest, and hope to do my best this year as President of the Student Council and once again, I advise every student here to seriously contemplate taking part in a hard-working, confident Student Council which will, with our teamwork, succeed.

Thank you very much.




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