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25/6/2019 School Calendar
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We learn how to solve problems!
Y3 Watched a video and worked together.

Conflict resolution and problem solving are important skills that need to be taught and developed in our students. By learning the problem solving steps, and portraying familiar situations and letting students have a try at suggesting ways to resolve the conflicts, they can gain practice in these techniques.

As part of our PSE program and as a way of integrating the three Y3 classes we got together in the audiovisual room and watched a video "Getting better at getting along" which helps us solve our problems in a positive way.

 How to solve problems:


1)      What is the problem?

2)      What are some solutions?

3)      For each solution ask yourself :

·        Is it safe?

·        How might people feel about it?

·        Is it fair?

·        Will it work?

4)      Choose a solution and use it

5)      Is it working? If not try again.


Vicky Ayam

PSE Coordinator

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