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17/8/2019 School Calendar
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Letters and Sounds
Olivos Whales listened to different sounds made by a musical instrument.

The children in the Whales classroom have been playing different games related to listening skills. The teacher explained the activity and gave each child a musical instrument. They had to walk around the playground trying it out on different apparatus or objects they found. It was extremely exciting and they had lots of fun. Some would not move from where they were and really enjoyed hearing the noise it made. Others tried their instrument on the floor, grass, slides, swings, merry go round etc. When they went back to the classroom they talked with their teacher about how different the sounds were and which one they liked the most.

The sound on the tube,
Enlarge Picture

is different to the sound it makes on the swings.
Enlarge Picture

And on metal?
Enlarge Picture

The wooden house makes  a special sound,
Enlarge Picture

similar to the wooden apparatus?
Enlarge Picture

We tried everything in the playground, and the floor too..
Enlarge Picture

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