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12/8/2020 School Calendar
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Olivos Tigers work out the scientific method experimenting with eggs


“We will create a bouncing egg!” said Miss Kyla.

After dividing the TIGERS into 6 groups, she explained the experiment and gave instructions on how to follow the steps.

First they had to observe the egg and the shell, roll the egg softly so as not to break it and hypothesize on what would happen if they left the egg in a container with vinegar for the week-end.

The following Monday they got together in groups again and they checked their hypothesis by rolling the egg again and making it bounce.

What happened to the egg?

Did the egg look the same as the one they saw that Friday?

What happened if they dropped it from different heights?

The TIGERS measured with unifix cubes to see how high they could drop the egg without breaking it.

The result was: the highest they could drop it from was the equivalent to 7 unfix cubes. Wow!!!


See what happens...
Enlarge Picture

Look Miss Kyla!
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It's fun!
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This is our bouncing egg.
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