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25/6/2019 School Calendar
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Easter at the Olivos Kinder
The Easter bunny came for a visit and brought a surprise for the children.

Every year children celebrate Easter at the kindergarten with an Easter hunt. They hear stories about the Easter bunny and friends during the week and they wait for the day with excitement and puzzled. Are we going to see the bunny? Will we get an Easter egg? Where is the Easter bunny now?

Teachers prepared an Easter play and they listened to the story attentively. This year the Easter bunny was sick and Flopsy and Mopsy helped him to prepare the Easter eggs and deliver them.

All the families received Easter bunnies (their children)hopping home, looking forward to spending a special holiday together. 

Camouflaged as bunnies ...
Enlarge Picture

children searched high and low ...
Enlarge Picture

for the Easter Bunny.
Enlarge Picture

Teachers dressed up as ...
Enlarge Picture

Easter bunnies ....
Enlarge Picture

put on a play ...
Enlarge Picture

which the children watched enthralled.
Enlarge Picture

Thank you to the Staff.
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Look at what the bunny left behind in our class!
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