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16/9/2019 School Calendar
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A visit to Alaska
Marcos' Mum and Dad came to talk about Alaska.

   4th A and 4th B Punta Chica pupils are reading Silver as their literature reader. This story takes place in Alaska and as Marcos’ parents visited Alaska some years ago, they came to share their experience and enhance the pupils’ knowledge.

 Marcos' father showed a very clear Power Point presentation with some wonderful pictures and interesting information. His mother prepared water biscuits with salmon which they ate when the talk came to an end.


 The children enjoyed their visit and made some very clever questions. Later they wrote what they remembered about the talk.


 Interesting facts Matías (on of the students)  wrote about following the talk:

  •  The United States bought Alaska from Russia for 7,5 million dollars and it became the 49th state in U.S.A. The population is of 690.000 people, it's very little.
  • Alaska is the biggest state and the least populated, a lot of the people weren't born in Alaska, that's why there are a lot of races, the biggest population is of the white race.
  • The capital of Alaska is Juneau and to get there you can go by hydroplane or boat, that is by air or by water.
  • In winter there are days that the sun never rises and in summer the opposite. Sometimes the sun hits the atmosphere and a rainbow appears, this is called Aurora Borealis.
  • Gold and petroleum are found in Alaska.
  • In Alaska you find animals like the grizzly bears, bald eagle, grey wolf and moose that can have the antlees 2m wide and they fall every year. There are also a lot of fish and that is why they always eat fish.

                                             Matías T. 4th "A"




Marcos' father and an enthusiastic audience.
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Power Point presentation.
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"Would you like to eat salmon?"
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"We didn't know SALMON was so delicious!!"
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"Would you like one?"
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