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17/8/2019 School Calendar
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Y4: We learn how to be assertive
Being assertive means that you can defend your rights and take care of yourself.

 You have a right to stand up for your beliefs, feelings, thoughts and opinions. You need to develop skills in order to do this, therefore we worked with the groups on how to be assertive with our peers.


Some of the questions we reflected upon were the following:


  • Are you able to refuse doing things that aren’t right?
  • When you don’t agree with someone, are you able to speak up and share your views?
  • Can you avoid things that will hurt you?    
  • Can you avoid letting other people influence your decisions?
  • Do you have confidence in your own judgment?
  • Do you ask for help when you need it?

We worked on steps to be assertive:


1. Decide what you want to change and believe in your rights.

For example: A friend is always telling you what to do.

2. Describe to the other person involved and the situation as you see it. Be specific. You’re always bossing me.”

3. Describe why you feel as you do using an “I” statement. Be firm, strong, look at the person and be sure of yourself. “I feel irritated because I can take care of myself.”

4. Describe changes you’d like made. Be specific about what actions should stop and what should start. Be reasonable and willing to make changes in return.

“I want you to stop always telling me what to do, and instead, ask me what I’d like to do.”


Then we all decided on a situation we wanted to modify, went through the four steps and role played.


It was an enriching activity which lead to interesting debates and conclusions.


Vicky Ayam


PSE Coordinator




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