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17/8/2019 School Calendar
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Punta Chica “Lions” and “Tigers” visited Radio Disney
On Monday, June 1st, the children went to visit Radio Disney as a starting point of our project on “Means of Communications”

We were kindly received by Virginia, Carolina and Gustavo, who explained how a radio works.  We all had to be very quiet, specially when the light on the studio went red… we were ON AIR !!


We learnt that the studio´s walls were all covered with a special foam to isolate the room and avoid any noise coming from outside.


We saw a table full of buttons and a computer where the broadcaster could easily find any special sound effect she wanted the audience to hear.


The broadcaster on air at that time was Anita, she greeted us and said hello to Saint Andrew´s children.


The children tried on headphones in which they could listen to themselves talking as well as some music.


Thank you Radio Disney and Mr. Hernán Estrada, we all enjoyed the visit and liked the presents very much!


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“Lions”  &  “Tigers”  classes

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