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17/8/2019 School Calendar
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What is a Community Spirit Day?
Community Spirit Day is a day in which the whole of the Secondary school stops to celebrate our community and work on improving it together.

 For a complete day, thirty-six simultaneous workshops or activities allow us to get to know one another from a different angle.



Why do we have one?


In our busy school calendars, time is the most precious element. So why do we give a full day to these activities? Because we truly believe in the importance of our community, of celebrating what is good about it and of giving it every opportunity to grow.


The general aim of our Community Spirit Day is to offer the opportunity for students in different year groups to relate in a non-competitive environment, and to reflect on ideals that will help us improve the social climate and develop a more caring community. In addition, every year in the different workshops students wok cooperatively to achieve team goals, often directed at helping others in our society, and experience the importance of communication skills. Some students actually get the opportunity to put into practice and improve their leadership skills.  By the end of the day everybody, staff and students alike, gets to feel a sense of belonging to the group they have been in.



What made Community Spirit Day 2009 so special?


  • Teamwork, from staff and students, for months before and finally during the day.
  • Student involvement. This year for the first time students participated actively in the planning of several of the activities, and many of them fulfilled a different role, producing materials and leading workshops during the whole day.
  • The good will of every participant. The right frame of mind to move from relaxing games with bubbles and balloons to deep, honest reflection on our strengths and needs as a community, to focused use of our creativity to help others, to active exercise of good humour, always ready to experiment, cooperate, play, enjoy.


As a final point, again for the first time several activities and initiatives were proposed that would project the feeling of the day into the rest of the school year. Let’s keep on working as a team to build on the excitement and turn it into commitment. As some of the students commented at the end of the day, “it’s worth it”.


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