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26/6/2019 School Calendar
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Let´s Be Friends
Activity involving both Third Years.

   Pupils are learning many skills at school, such as reading, writing and multiplying.


Another area of learning that requires specific skills is the social-emotional one. School is a place where children learn how to understand and manage their feelings, how to make friends and be a friend, and how to solve social problems.


Learning takes place throughout the day, in the classroom, the playground and at home. Children learn by watching and listening to adults and friends interact with one another.


Third Year is now working on friendship and our objectives for pupils are:


  • Distinguish between friendly and unfriendly behaviour.
  • Recognize the positive consequences of friendly acts.
  • Develop skills for making and keeping friends.
  • Gain assurance about playing with more than one friend at a time.
  • Cultivate the cooperation attitude needed to participate in group activities.

Families play a crucial role in the success of incorporating theses skills. Their support and encouragement are vital.


Watching a video on Friendship.
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Sitting in a circle to listen carefully.
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