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Tardes de Ballet
Proyecto Personal CAS

  "Aprender haciendo y disfrutar compartiendo"

Proyecto Personal CAS 3º Polimodal/Y12  2009

 "A MOVE" 


  When we had to come up with a CAS Project, I decided that I wanted to do something different, something ambitious. But in order to do that I also needed to enjoy my project and believe in it. In short, I wanted to forget that my CAS Project was for the IB, so I chose to combine two things together: art and community service. I was going to make a show for little children who needed help. However, my objective was not only to raise funds, but also to allow these children from the Hogar to enjoy the performance.


  My project, which became known as “A MOVE”, was also peculiar in other aspects. For instance, it did not count only on the support of St. Andrew’s community since the dance studio which would perform was becoming thoroughly involved. Therefore, a bond was being created between the performers and the children whom they were going to help, even if neither had met. As for the school, I found friends from my year who were willing to help me and support my frequent crazy obligations. Sometimes it was hard to keep up with this project of mine and to actually believe that it would take place, nevertheless, comfort and help was always there when needed from my whole group. And when the mood ran low, we always had the children to think about.


  Although the process of organizing this project should have been normal, it wasn’t, as the swine flu took matters into its own hands. When finally I thought that the show would take place, the performance was cancelled. For a minute I realized the intensity of the past months and how maybe all of our work might have been for nothing.  But the group “A MOVE” continued to battle and finally found a date for the show: October 10th. So between my studying, rehearsals and organization of the show, I began to wonder if my CAS Project was really worth it.


  And luckily “A MOVE” was worth al the work and I will always remember this project of mine. The day of the show was an immense success. The dancers were amazing and the Choir, who had agreed to participate, was outstanding. But this was not the only achievement of the project: the children came to see us perform and visited us backstage after the show. No one would have been able to imagine the happiness and frenzy these kids were in. I was overwhelmed and thankful that everything had turned out beyond and above my expectations. Today I am proud to say that approx. $ 6,100.-  were obtained from the ticket sales and sponsors’ help.  Furthermore, the project continues to flourish as the dance studio who performed for Hogar Resguardo 1 and 2 are planning to visit the children again, and who knows where this might take them…

Ombline Noyer – Year 12

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