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16/9/2019 School Calendar
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Parents' Play at Punta Chica
Yesterday, Wednesday, July 1st., our Kindergarten Parents´ Play took place.

After rehearsing on a weekly basis 55 parents put on “The Amazing Musical Journey”.  Four friends, Jack, Molly, Mike and Emma were playing one day when they came up on a trunk with some objects and a  map picturing these objects:  a dinosaur, a Jasmine Doll, a tiara, a car, a ball and a robot.  The map had a note that said: “Playing together we can make wonderful things happen! “  And they did…..


Out of the trunk they went picking up the different objects.


We saw cavemen dancing to the rhythm of “We will rock you”, we saw how a rusty car became as good as new when  mechanics and “John Travolta” cleaned it up singing “Grease, Lightening”.  Jasmine and beautiful belly dancers dancing to the rhythm of Arabian music.  Football players were give a ball by the children and were very thankful they could play again with the cheerleaders encouraging them on.  Brightly dressed “rumberas” danced to the tune of “La Vida es un Carnaval” and Electra, the robot and her friends had fun dancing to a rock and roll.


Each group gave these children an instrument which they used to play

“I Like to Move It” together with all the characters and the pupils and teachers.   


“Playing together makes wonderful things happen”.  It certainly did, as we all had a wonderful time together.


Congratulations to all the parents for their effort and enthusiasm.  Each year we look forward to this highlight before the winter holidays.


Thank you for all the donations which we are busily classifying.


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