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23/4/2019 School Calendar
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Collaborative Writing Across the Oceans
Olivos Year 6 is involved in a tri nation collaborative writing project.

Year 6 has been doing some collaborative writing with Miss Fiona’s class in Cape Town, South Africa.


The children in Cape Town wrote all the first parts of the story and we wrote all the second parts.


Next we did a three-way collaborative exercise involving Mr Millward’s class in Ontario, Canada.


These projects have been very exciting for us. Some of these collaborative stories with Mr Millward’s class in Canada and Miss Fiona’s class in South Africa can be seen in the following links.      


Stage 1 - Buenos Aires/ Cape Town


Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4


Stage 2 - Cape Town/ Ontario/ Buenos Aires




To learn more about this wonderful experience, please click here



Year 6

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South Africa
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