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17/7/2019 School Calendar
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171st Anniversary
Founders' Day Assembly


1838 - 2009 and St Andrew's School is celebrating its 171st Anniversary.

The traditional Founders' Day Assembly was held in the Secondary Hall with our students, staff and special guests. The highlight of the ceremony was the presentation of the Former Pupil Award to Ms. Maximiliana Aubi - class of '85 - who delivered a touching and inspiring speech about how her family's life was suddenly changed and how she adapted and went on even further to create an association to help families in a similar situation. With her work and selflessness Maximiliana embodies the values the St. Andrew's teaches its students and which are rooted in the School Mission (read more about Maxi's and APSA in the Alumni section).

As is usual at these special events, The Concert Band and Concert Choir performed a selection of pieces, from Robin Adiar, a traditional Scottish song to an arrangement called The Birth of Rock and Roll. Despite less time to rehearse because of school closure during the recent 'flu outbreak, both groups entertained the audience with outstanding quality performances.

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Maximiliana Aubi - '85
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M. Aubi and former awardees H. Logan and N. Ducote
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Concert Band
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Concert Choir
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B. Gibson, SASRP Pipe Band
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