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17/8/2019 School Calendar
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New Teaching Staff
We welcome 3 new members of staff in Secondary


Starting with the beginning of a new semester we welcome three new members to our Secondary section.

Ms. Chloe Heather has just arrived from Jakarta, Indonesia as Head of English. She travelled with her daughter Megan and Prince, the puppy, while her eldest daughter Emily remains at university, in England. Prince, by the way, is helping Chloe unpack her many boxes of books, by chewing his way through!





Ms. Nikki Adelaide, our new of Head of Geography, is from London, but has just spent a year in Costa Rica. As a Geography teacher she is eager to visit the country and has already been to Mar del Plata to start organising a fieldtrip.




Ms. Verónica Rubens y Rojo has joined the English Department and is teaching in Years 7 to 11. After twenty years of teaching, Verónica is happy to be at St. Andrew's and share her love of reading with her students.

Ms. Chloe Heather
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Ms. Nikki Adelaide
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Ms. Verónica Rubens y Rojo
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