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23/4/2019 School Calendar
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Olivos Kindergarten had their annual concert this past week. After a very intense preparation, where even parents worked on scenery, the children performed beautifully, and one could see they were having great fun and enjoyed what they were doing.

"The Day the Characters left the Books" was about two children, brother and sister, who were bored and did not know what to do. Their mother suggested they could read books. Reluctantly they sit down and when she starts opening a big book, they see that all the pictures have something missing. (e.g. At the Three Bears’ house, there are 3 beds, but no bear; they see the mittens, but there are no kittens; they see the wheat but the little red hen is no longer there!) 

What has happened to all the characters of the tales?

Where have they gone?

And, why?


They will soon discover that the characters have left their homes and have gone around the world to look for children who like books.

They are seen having a picnic in Central Part, visiting the Eiffel Tower and finally they find children who still enjoy stories and reading so they decide to return to the books.



Congratulations to all those involved: staff, children and parents!


You can see more pictures in PHOTO GALLERIES - KINDER GENERAL OLIVOS - 2009 CONCERT


Painting Peter Rabbit
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"Mummy, the characters left the books and now they are back!"
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The Little Red Hen...
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The three Little Pigs...
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"The day the characters left the books"
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