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25/6/2019 School Calendar
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We´re Going Camping
This was the theme of our 2009 Punta Chica Concert.

Yesterday, Thursday, September 17th., two successfully performances were held in our Hall.


Fishing, playing, eating, exercising and enjoying some of the activities we can do whilst camping.


We had being fishermen, boy and girls exercising,  “Bananas”  for the picnic and “Ants”  picking up the crumbs.


Although it was a windy and rainy evening, our pupils and families enjoyed the Concert to the full.

A very special thanks to Ximena Wolodarsky, Gabriela Ugolini, Mónica Campitelli, Trixie Mattana Besozzi, Elisabeth Ehrhard, Ana Roberts, Florencia Pichot, Jacinta Van Peborgh, Soledad Basualdo, Jackie Tahta, Gaby Doiny, Mara Götz, Virginia Seoane, Sol Yeramian, Gaby Matos and Cecilia Lanusse who decorate the hall and made the props.

We  are very grateful for Javier Gimenez Zapiola´s expertise in taping the children singing the songs.


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