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26/6/2019 School Calendar
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We love to share
Since the beginning of the year, we have been working on “sharing”.

“We learnt that it is very important to share because it makes us feel happy, and makes a friend feel that way too.


At first we found it difficult to share the classroom objects and toys, our teachers´ attention, as well as waiting for our turn to say something or share a new. 


Now, after several months, we can share lots of things: we can wait for our turn by putting up our hands, we can share the toys and classroom material and we even play together.  We also brought to school our favourite toy and shared it with our peers. 


On Wednesdays we bring to school the Healthy Snack and we love sharing it with the other “bunnies”.


We are growing up, we are sharing!.  It´s fun to share!!”


We would like to share with you more pictures!  Please visit our Photo Gallery.



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