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"Connecting People"
Punta Chica Primary Concert - 2009

    On Friday, October 23rd. the  Punta Chica Primary School had its yearly Concert, which was written and directed by Hernán Laperuta, with Billy Jackson playing the piano and Leo Molina doing the lights and sound.

The plot: Dr. Nimitz and his students tried an experiment, a very difficult one and one very rarely achieving a positive result. This experiment was called "Connecting people who are different”.


The experiment used PEOPLE, and the reactions expected were ANGER, SADNESS, HATE...and if they managed to get it right.... maybe some PEACE and LOVE.

The Hypothesis:  “It is possible to connect people who are completely different?”


The Method: “Put five completely different elements in a spaceship, send them to a strange and problematic planet of the universe." The five elements should go to a very distant galaxy to a planet called  “WAR”, where four very different tribes have been fighting over the last five million years, for a small piece of land.


The Result: They realized that  this experiment could have a positive result, the one they most hoped for, but they must work together, like they used to,  forgetting how different they are in some ways and sharing the things that they always loved doing together...

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