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13/8/2020 School Calendar
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Problem-solving with the whales
Second Step is a violence prevention curriculum which gives the children a chance to talk about feelings, solve conflicts and work on values.

The children in the Whales class are learning ways to solve a problem. First they listened to a rap song which teaches them steps to take into account in trying to solve a problem.

Then the teacher showed them posters involving children in different situations. One was dealing with losing something " a little girl who could not find her jacket and therefore she could not go to the playground". The other one was dealing with distractions "a child talking to another who was trying to listen to the teacher reading a story and got distracted by his peer.

They discussed different possibilities to solve the problem and then role played the situation with a friend. It was very nice to see them engaged in the activity, moving around and looking for positive ways to tell the other child not to distract him or her. To end up the activity they listened to the rap song again and had great fun dancing and singing.

How do I feel?
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What is the problem?
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What can I do?
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Let's find the answer to our problems together!
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