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16/9/2019 School Calendar
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Choices Choices Y3: Responsibility
As a part of the activities we are doing to integrate and get to know peers from the three groups, we worked with the "Choices Choices Programme: Taking Responsibility".

Children need to develop skills, confidence and awareness to approach different situations wisely.

We worked on developing critical thinking and decision making, and owning up for our actions and mistakes. This interactive tool allowed the children to become more assertive when making relatively difficult decisions on a daily basis at school, and especially regarding social and moral issues.  

This time the real life dilemma showed two friends who sneaked into the classroom during breaktime and broke the teacher's favourite flower pot.


In small groups they set goals, discussed options, made choices and thought about the possible consequences.


We reflected  upon the importance of being responsible for our actions!


Lic.Vicky Ayam

PSE Coordinator

Olivos Primary

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