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Mercedes Marquez
Head of History Department 2006-2010

  After the sad passing away of Mrs. Mercedes Marquez on June 5th, 2010, we wish to share with you some of the words of Mr. Julian Clark, as presented to family, friends students and colleagues, at the ceremony held in the School Hall:


Mercedes started at St. Andrew’s in 2006, as the Head of History. She came with extremely strong references: according to a former Head she was ‘the best history teacher he had ever known!’ The high esteem that Mercedes was held in by her two previous schools was matched, and surpassed, by the utmost respect in which she was held by all who worked with her at our school. 


  Mercedes readily and quickly became an important, respected and well-loved colleague and teacher at St. Andrew’s. As a History teacher she was outstanding: challenging her students at all times and striving hard to get them to become passionate and committed to her subject, whilst also achieving outstanding academic results. She was also fundamentally committed to teaching the skills that would enable her students to interpret important issues and understand values through her subject. Her outstanding teaching ability and the passion she was able to transmit, coupled with being a really genuine, warm and kind person, endeared her to all her students. They truly loved her lessons and Mercedes as a person. 


  As a Head of Department she shaped and built a very strong team based on her ideas of cooperation, team work and support. The team she built was able to support each other professionally and in times of need. The History Department, lead by Mercedes, started to embrace many wider projects of high educational worth and forged links with other areas, primarily because these links were in the students’ best interest.


  Her absolute integrity, passion for following the right course and standing up against injustice and anything that she saw as being unfair, marked everything that she did. This made her a truly special person. She had a core, inner strength and sense of direction that shone through for all to see.


  She was the consummate professional, always putting the students at the forefront of her actions.


  She was funny and modest, and great fun to be around; you could not want for a better friend or colleague.

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