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25/6/2019 School Calendar
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Minkai: Our former pupils in action
Members of this group visited the children and shared their experience in helping others

On Wednesday 23rd our Kindergarten received very special visitors, former pupils who have created a group called “Minkai” which in Indian language means "helping others". Around 35 to 40 boys and girls, very committed and engaged in a wonderful project of helping others, travel regularly to a small town in Tucumán, Palominos where they get really involved with all the community. They take clothes, food and other things they need but most important of all is that they make them feel important and worth visiting. Why? Because they become their friends...and they learn to understand their way of living and thinking.

Our children were excited and happy to listen to them and to watch the video they brought on their trip to Palominos. They shared some information with them and located Tucumán in the map of Argentina. Many of our children knew this already as we have been working and learning about our country.

Once they finished watching the video they asked them questions such as:

What do the children eat?

How did they build the school?

Do they eat at school?

Where do they play?

Which games do they play?

Do they have a D.V.D player?

We got to learn many things about them. All the questions our children made were answered. We learnt that they practically do not eat cereal and that they like them a lot, they make their own bread and eat it every day with jam. They play the same games as our children do and as all the children in all the schools. They love playing football, they have a big area where they can practise this sport.  They are enlarging the school as there are more and more children going to school now and space is not enough and as the government has given them a projector, their goal for this year is to have a computer room.


“What we learn to do, we learn by doing”


We invite all our community to join this wonderful group of children and help them as much as we can by collecting blankets, eiderdowns, quilts, shoes, pyjamas, clothes and non-perishable food. This campaign will last until July 6th as the group is travelling again during our winter holidays.


“The human contribution is the essential ingredient. It is only in the giving of oneself to others that we truly live”

                                                 Ethel Percy Andrus


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