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23/8/2019 School Calendar
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Service Learning at the Olivos Kindergarten
Minkai came to visit us.

Minkai is the name of a group of former pupils who are working in Community Service in a school in Tucumán.

They came to visit us before the winter holidays to tell us about all the activities they were doing in Community Service and they appreciated children's interest and commitment towards getting to know a different reality within our country and trying to do something about it.

After Minkai's visit to our Kindergarten many activities related to Service Learning began to take place.

First of all in the area of Social Studies the three preschool classes discussed about the needs of our new friends from Palominos' school in Tucumán. They learnt that although they are children as they are and play the same games, they have a completely different reality and have basic needs that are essential for a healthy growth. They got to know about the weather over there and that days are usually warm and nights pretty cold. Our children understood that they could help them not only by bringing food but also with warm clothing, blankets and bedcovers.

Our kindergartners are beginning to care for others by becoming involved and informed about other children who need their help.


As regards to Maths activities, they counted all the items that they were collecting, and sorted all the imperishable food.


During Literacy periods they wrote a letter to our community informing them about the campaign, they wrote a thank you letter to the Minkai group committing themselves to try and collect as much as possible and wished them the best in their trip to Tucumán. They also made lovely drawings for the children in Palominos and they all wrote something about themselves such as: I like to play football, I like to stay at home, my best friend's name is María, I like to play and have lunch at school , I like to draw, I like to help, I like to help my friends and the animals, etc.


It is amazing to see this going on at the Kindergarten and it is extremely rewarding to see how involved our children became. They were all really proud of what they were doing and they learnt very important values; they learnt what helping and caring for others is. This is done through all the activities mentioned above, and surely they will go on throughout their schooling. What matters now is the type of citizens we are molding and forming, citizens who in the future, will play a very important role in our country.


Minkai children came to fetch all the things we had collected. They were amazed at the amount! Our children were amazed and proud too! They helped our former pupils to carry all the boxes into the pickup truck.


We would like to specially thank all those families who helped us and made this campaign so successful!

We even had grannies knitting sweaters for the children living in Palominos.


“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I may remember. Involve me and I will learn." Benjamin Franklin



"Let me help you with that"...
Enlarge Picture

Our children helping to carry the boxes and bags
Enlarge Picture

What a lot of things we all collected!!
Enlarge Picture

The list of nonperishable food we collected, written by the children
Enlarge Picture

The thank you letter written to the Minkai group
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