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23/8/2019 School Calendar
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The Morning Bunnies had a lovely surprise last month...
...special storytellers!!!



Fiona's parents came to school to read a story, "The mouse who eats bananas"  to all the children.




The children really enjoyed the excellent performance of Fiona's father reading the story, the sound effects and the lovely atmosphere there was in the classroom.




Here you can see pictures of that special day!





Thank you Alan and Agustina for coming to the Bunnies' classroom! 

Alan was a great storyteller!
Enlarge Picture

Showing the pictures to the children while telling them the story
Enlarge Picture

Fiona and her friends listening quietly to the story
Enlarge Picture

Mummy smiling at Fiona while daddy reads the story
Enlarge Picture

The children answered Alan´s questions raising their hands 
Enlarge Picture

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