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20/4/2019 School Calendar
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Y6 cares for the planet.

Lic. Javier Valladares, Chairman of the IOC (Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commision/ UNESCO) and member of the "Academia de Ciencias del Mar" in Argentina came to visit the three 6th years.


With a dynamic and engaging talk, he spoke about the importance of water on the planet, of keeping the natural balances and explained the use of some of the very sophisticated instruments that are used in order to understand what happens deep down in the sea.


He spoke about the importance of the oceanic observing systems, as static approach of observing phenomena following Euler’s ideas and also mentioned the more dynamic approach of observing phenomena as proposed by Lagrange, as well as mentioning an enormous whirlpool of plastic, about 100 km2 big, that floats in the Pacific Ocean, known as The Great Pacific Garbage Patch or the Pacific Trash Vortex.


He made us all aware; once again, that what each one does is a great contribution to helping keep the planet clean in a process of sustainable development.


Thank you Javier for sharing your expertise with us!

Lic. Javier Valladares
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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
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