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17/8/2019 School Calendar
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Olivos Kindergarten 2010 Concert
"The Toyshop at Midnight"



 "The toys in the toyshop are quiet all day, but when it is midnight some of them start to play. There were Elves and Fairies, Jack in the box, Teddy Bears, Marionettes and Cowboys.
One day some of them found an old chest full of old toys. Nobody wanted to play with them any more so they were very sad.
Elves and Fairies convinced them that they could play with them and have fun together. They said: If you have a dream and you want your dream to come true you shouldn't give up!"





“The Toyshop at Midnight” was the name of Olivos Kindergarten´s Concert this year. After a very intense preparation, practising songs and choreographies, decorating posters for the Hall and getting the costumes ready, the children performed beautifully! The stage looked so colourful and one could see the children were having great fun and enjoyed what they were doing.



Families had a great time, clapping and moving to the sound of the music, and staff felt very proud of their kindergartners!










A group of hardworking and very committed mothers prepared a tuck shop at the entrance hall and the money collected is going to our Community Service projects.  







Congratulations to all those involved: Miss Lily, our Music Teacher,staff, children and parents!


Our kindergarten Concert
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We are cowboys!
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We are teddies!
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We are marionettes!
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We are Jack in the box!
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We are robots and dolls!
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We are clowns!
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We are elves and fairies!
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We are ballerinas and soldiers!
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We are Jack in the box too!
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