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The Voice
Welcome to the first edition of the St. Andrew´s newspaper The Voice -The Students' Newspaper

We are very proud of publishing our first edition as we have worked constantly these past months. 

To create this, a team of students from many year groups came together and shared interests and ideas.  Chloe Heather, head of the English department, has helped us build up our reporting skills, guiding us through the whole development process. 

Our main objective in creating this newspaper is to give opinions and reflect upon different events of our interest in order to attain a unified school community. 

We believe we have successfully achieved these aims and as a result are very pleased with the outcome. 

We sincerely encourage people of every age group to join. It is a great and enriching opportunity  for writing as well as for discussing topics of curiosity and significance.

       If you are interested in writing an article but already have plenty of extra curricular activities and cannot make it to the meetings, you could just send us an email at and we will consider your article for publication.  

     We would like to conclude this editorial page, by profoundly thanking Chloe, from behalf of the whole student body of the The Voice, for all her help and dedication to this newspaper. We really appreciate all the enthusiasm, time and effort she has put into this.

We anxiously look forward to the next edition!


The editors. Andy, Bianca and Sofia

To read the full  edition visit:


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