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26/6/2019 School Calendar
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The Kindergarten Sports were held last Saturday on a beautiful sunny day.





Children came dressed in their gym outfits ready to show their skills and run their races. Families gathered round the field, under a clear blue sky watching them and socializing in a relaxed and happy atmosphere. Guillermo, our Gym master, was anxiously waiting to show the races he had prepared for the Sports while teachers welcomed the children in their classrooms.



K5 groups came into the field carrying our flags, followed by K4 and K3 groups who proudly marched with their teachers and peers. They were happy and excited to see their parents sharing this special event with them.


Children enjoyed running the races and families cheered and clapped loudly at them. Throughout the morning everybody kept the kindergarten sports motto alive: Let our children experience the fun of participating and not the pressure of winning.



The beautiful morning ended with a picnic for everybody in the Primary playground.




Congratulations to all the participants!!!

Marching around the field
Enlarge Picture

The Puppies getting ready for their race
Enlarge Picture

Morning Bunnies concentrating before their race
Enlarge Picture

Bears trying to keep the mat on their heads!
Enlarge Picture

Afternoon Bees walking without letting the bean bag fall
Enlarge Picture

Morning Bees putting their jackets on
Enlarge Picture

Whales feeding their friends blindfolded
Enlarge Picture

Pandas running the obstacle race
Enlarge Picture

Spring is here! Afternoon Bunnies celebrating springtime running their race
Enlarge Picture

Tigers in their caterpillar race
Enlarge Picture

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