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25/6/2019 School Calendar
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The Tigers have been learning about Argentine Artists
Due to the celebration of the bicentenary of the foundation of our country, K5 children learnt and imitated the technique of some of our Argentine artists.


Hello! Here we are again with some news from the Tigers.


We are working on our topic “How do artists communicate?”. We started reading and learning about some argentine artists such as Benito Quinquela Martín, Molina Campos, Xul Solar, Antonio Berni and others.


The children could take a look at their productions, analize them, listen to their life history, and also try to understand the meaning of their different ways of painting.

It is amazing to see how five and six-year-olds analize

paintings, try to understand the authors' feelings, and try to copy them when they paint.


We gave the children the chance to paint like Quinquela Martín using spatulas like the ones he used. They found it much more difficult than with paintbrushes but their productions were great!


They also painted like Molina Campos. They made beautiful horses and “gauchos y paisanas” at the farm. For this activity, they made the background and then they drew the horses and people on butcher paper. They cut them out and stuck them on their farm backgrounds. In this way we could work on “Figure-background”. They have a clear picture of it now.


We hope you like the pictures. There are more in the Photo Gallery!


The Tigers, Miss Mora and Miss Marina.


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