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Sir Ernest Shackleton: Extraordinary Leadership
Mr Edward Shaw retold this great experience to our students

A Series of Lectures on Shackleton


  On Friday 29th October the Secondary School welcomed Mr. Edward Shaw to deliver a series of lectures to Secondary students and the school community on the Antarctic explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton.


  With true Shackleton-esque stamina, Mr. Shaw delivered four separate lectures to students and community, after each of which the audience left enthralled and captivated by the recounting of the incredible deeds of Shackleton and his men in the failed expedition of 1914-16. The lectures not only encompassed the historical and geographical content of this remarkable story but also the leadership lessons that could be learned and applied today.


  The lectures were supported with photographs and personal anecdotes from Mr. Shaw’s extensive experience of travelling and working in Patagonia and his many visits to Antarctica.


  We are extremely grateful to Edward Shaw for his visit and the sharing of his expertise and knowledge in the area. Attached is a bibliography for anyone interested in extending their knowledge in this area.




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Enlarge Picture


Enlarge Picture

Battle with pressure ice during winter

Expedition photographer: Frank Hurley

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