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26/6/2019 School Calendar
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Alphabet Parade
As to celebrate having learnt all the letter sounds of the alphabet, the “Monkeys” and the “Zebras” had an “Alphabet Parade”

Each child chose a letter and together with their parents  used their creativity to make a costume of an object starting with that sound.

After the parade, we all danced and celebrated having learnt all the alphabet.  Then, they enjoyed a snack in  the field with appetizers which they have previously prepared in the classroom.  They chopped up hard boiled eggs, mixed them with mayonnaise and spread it on slices of bread.  They loved them!  They also shared a “coloured cake” brought by Clarita S.M. Del Mar, the “cat”.

We want to thank all the parents for their great effort and creativity in helping us make this activity a great success!

Enjoy  more pictures in our Photo Gallery.

Enlarge Picture

Enlarge Picture

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