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16/9/2019 School Calendar
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Olivos Kindergarten had a very nice visit...
María Santísima de la Luz kindergarten came to spend the morning with us.


Once again the children from María Santísima de la Luz came to visit us. It was a very special occasion as they came to see our Art exhibition where their work on Argentine artists was exhibited beside ours. 



Our topic was "How do artists communicate?" in which our children learnt mainly about Argentine artists due to our Bicentenary. We got in touch with the teachers from María Santísima de la Luz kindergarten and started to organize what to do for the exhibition. They were very happy about sharing such an event with us. We exchanged information and many mails with them and finally received their productions which were hung all around our Kindergarten walls.



Our preschoolers were eagerly waiting for them that day and the moment they arrived, we shared a few minutes together in the playground. It was very nice to see our children playing with them and being wonderful hosts. After break they visited the exhibition and then we all made a very big circle and exchanged questions. Our children wanted to know about them so they started asking questions such as:

"Do you have the alphabet on the wall?"

"Do you have a playground?"

"What does your playground look like?"

"Do you have paintbrushes?"

"Do you hang your drawings on the walls?"

"Do you recycle things? Do you send them to the Garrahan Hospital?"

After learning about each other, we went behind the little house to share a music activity. Their music teacher and Miss Lily had organized different songs and they all sang together. They brought lovely instruments made with bottle tops and recycled material and they told us that instead of sending things to be recycled they re-use them.



When this activity was over we shared lunch together and delicious ice-creams for dessert.



They were very, very grateful and happy to be visiting us again. Before leaving they gave each of our children a balloon with a frog stuck on it. We all sang the "Sapo Pepe" song and waved them a warm good-bye.



You can see more photos of this special day in our Photo Gallery...


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