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26/6/2019 School Calendar
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St. Andrew´s at ASCD
Once more and as part of the Professional Development Program at the School, several of our staff members will be attending and delivering presentations at this Annual Conference.


It is a great honour and recognition for our school and a measure of the quality of the work done by our staff that, for the third consecutive year, teams from our school will be presenting their work in the context of the ASCD Conference to be held in San Francisco in 2011.


This is the largest and one of the most prestigious general education conferences in the world, and our school has been the only one in Latin America who has showcased their work in recent years at this event.


The four presentations are:

“Empowering students to thrive in the XXIst Century”  by Susan Walker-Inés Cazenave

“Assessment for Learning: tangible tools in bilingual classrooms” by Moira McCallum- Ivonne Roberts

“Effective Group Work: a key element in a bilingual classroom" by Patsy Pouiller- Moira McCallum- Ivonne Roberts

"Building and Organizing your Digital Life" by Alejandra Quaglia and Marta Lavista

Also attending will be Alfredo Lambertin and Liliana Faiad - winners of the Marcela Dosoretz Contest with their project "Knowledge is the beginning".

Congratulations and good luck to all!!! 

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