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16/9/2019 School Calendar
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Let’s go for a ride!
Learning about "Means of Transport" in K3 was great fun!


This year, to wrap up the Unit on "Means of Transport", the Morning and Afternoon Bunnies and the Puppies planned a very interesting and original outing... a bus and a train ride to the riverside! 




We asked some mummies and daddies to come with us and share a wonderful day together. We organized a trip by bus to the train station where we anxiously waited for the train. On the train we gave the guard our ticket and after a few stations, we got off and had a picnic by the riverside, enjoying the view of the river full of sailing boats and two enormous cargo ships!!! As we were going back to school again by bus, we went to visit the Olivos Port, passing by the Nº 29 bus terminal!



Children and parents greatly enjoyed the outing! It was a lovely sunny day and we were able to ride on the different means of transport that we had learnt about in the classroom!




You can enjoy more of our outing in the Photo Gallery...


Thank you mummies and daddies for coming with us!

Waiting for the train at the station
Enlarge Picture

On the train!
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Having the picnic by the riverside
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Sharing the picnic with mummies and daddies
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At the Olivos Port
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